Winter Wonders

A small club decorated in snow flakes to celebrate winter. Some people were dressed up in theme ready to dance to the dj’s music. Some people were getting their faces painted. Just another night in San Francisco.

New Year, New Website!

Hello lovely travelers,

I thought I would let you all know I have created a dedicated portfolio site here on WordPress. It is completely centered around my photography work.

Check it out 🙂 if you’d like!

Hopefully, it will be a success.

Have you started anything new for the new year? Let me know!

Travel well, friends.

New Year Wishes

Welcome to 2020 lovely travel friends. We have now entered an entirely new decade. It’s pretty interesting to think about everything that has happened over the last 10 years. It is also quite intriguing to wonder about what will happen over the next 10. 

Every year people come up with New Year Resolutions. Sometimes they put in the work and they happen and other times those resolutions are long forgotten. 

This year instead of resolutions I’m going with wishes. Nothing wrong with a little change and feeling a little mystical. It may just be the same thing with a different word. But being able to say a wish came true (with a little effort put in) feels much more satisfying to mind than saying I achieved a resolution. I’m not sure why it works that way but it does. 

So wish well, and well wishes. And may this year be filled with plenty of sweet adventures! 


October Update

An interesting month filled with random adventures. From watching surfers in Santa Cruz, paint ball at pumpkin patches, bread at Boudin, trying tiny drinks at never heard of cafés, to a Halloween around the city ending with a view from Twin Peaks. It’s fascinating what can happen with no plans and saying yes on a whim.

Travel well dear friends. And enjoy those unexpected adventures. You never know what you’ll see.

Blue Angels flying 2019

Happy Fall All

It’s that time of year where the seasons change once again. Summer is over and pumpkin spice, cinnamon, and Halloween fill the air. Only about a week left in September before a new month comes along. I wonder what new things await. So in the spirit of celebrating endings and new beginnings goodbye Summer, Hello Fall. It was a fun one. Seeing old friends, seeing new places, and revisiting some old places as well. Oh I wonder if Autumn will out do you Summer. I really do.

Deciding To Live My Dream Life

Deciding to live my dream life was an easy decision. Who woundn’t want to live out their dreams, right.

I have found that to get there it takes twice as much work as anything else. It’s important to have a clear vision of what your dream life actually looks like. It doesn’t seem like a hard task but it definitely took more time than I thought it would. Figuring out what would fill my day to day with inspiration, excitement, and imagining al the countless possibilities takes some time. Being able to narrow down all the possibilities to a slightly more realistic view can be a challenge.

It’s an interesting process to try and come up with a way to turn a crazy idea into a reality. What small steps can I take? What large steps can I take? Am I doing something to help this happen? Or am I stopping myself? There are so many questions to ask but the answers to those questions are the hard part.

The decision to want to do something is easy but taking the actual steps to leap into the unknown, with your dreams on the line, is intimidating. Fear of failure wont stop me though. The slight possibility that something might work out is enough to get to me to try.

Will I try? Absolutely.

Will it work out? Fingers crossed.

Have I started? I’ve barely scratched the surface.

When did I start? Before I was even ready. Before I knew what I was doing.


Alive and Strive

Hello Again Travel Friends,

I went on a spontaneous trip to a completely new place! This wasn’t the first time and I’m sure it will not be the last. It can be a little intimidating but I definitely think that the risk was worth the reward. If you’re ever thinking about going somewhere new and traveling the distance alone, go for it! Just make sure to be safe.This time I made sure to see as much as I could in a short time frame and on a tight budget. The best part was getting to see my old college roommate and the opportunity to see what parts of her new life look like. It was so great to see a variety of new places. We headed to Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach, Torrence, Venice Beach, and Hollywood. Sometimes together and sometimes on my own.

Palos Verdes

Light House

The Glass Church

The Friendship Bell

Car Show

Hollywood Walk of Fame

Hammer Museum

A small aquarium on Manhattan Beach Pier

Statue at Hermosa Beach

One of the Beaches

It’s great to see new places and I hope you all see something new before the year ends!