There May Be Change

Hello wonderous travellers and friends of the internet,

It’s May and now we can say goodbye to the first quarter of the year! What an odd thought. I hope you have all been having some amazing adventures and making the best memories.

I recently looked back at some of my 2018 New Years Resolutions, Goals, and Intentions. It’s kind of crazy to think about how just a little change over time can make a big difference.

I’m here to say that if you, like me, have accomplished some of those things, forgot about some of those things, and really dont know why some you wanted some of those things (or know why but changed your mind) then it is definitely fine to make a change. May this inspire you to be the best and newest version of the amazing person you are.


Bar-cade Night Out

Sometimes finding something a little out of the ordinary but oh so familiar is a good way to spend a night out.








This place is a multi-level bar with old fashion arcade games. It has pool, pinball, skiball, a bunch of games like mortal combat, pacman and so on that let you use button and a joystick.


Along with a gaming tournament of Killer Queen.

Hope all you lovely people get to mix up your experiences of a night out and find interesting places! 🙂

Movie of March


Ready Player One was a pretty good movie about video game technology in a futuristic world. The movie had a such a fitting soundtrack and threw in so many references to other movies that it will probably bring out some nastalgia. I highly recommend this one 🎬 if you like fantasy and action.

Early Morning March


It is nearing the of March and Spring has just arrived. The rainy weather comes and go with a location known for its microclimates. There is some beauty in the nature of a rainy day. To me this gives a quiet feel but makes my wander and wonder.

Fair Weather February

As the weather changes throughout the month I find myself feeling lots of change. It starts with sunshine so bright that the beaches get full, to weather so cold scarves and jackets come out, and lastly the rain starting to pour down.

With each weather shift happening on almost a weekly basis I feel different emotions come up. Not just for me but also for the people around me. It has been interesting to notice that I wasn’t the only one going through a rollercoaster of emotions. It almost felt comforting to know it wasn’t just me.
Just a little reminder that everyones lives are incredibly different and that no matter how different, we can all feel some of the same things. From happiness and friendship to feeling down and out, and everything in between.

January 2018 New Year

Happy New Year to all of you lovely travelers.

I hope that this new year is an even better one than the one that came before. I have personally been fascinated with people setting up their new years resolutions. I have even heard of intentions and goals to go along with them. Although they sound like they may as well be the same thing it is interesting to hear what the differences are and trying them out. So here you have it – my understanding of new years resolutions, goals, and intentions. Although I could be very wrong about what they actually mean!

A resolution is the action to do something that you continually work on.

A goal is something you want to accomplish that you can complete.

And and intention is something that you intend to do and is more related to how you want to feel.

They all sound like they go hand in hand.

And here is what one of mine will be:

RESOLUTION: I will update my online portfolio regularly.

GOALI will put a new set of photos up every month.

INTENTION: I will be happy with myself for trying to grow creatively. 

Washington-13This is one of my photos that I uploaded to my portfolio for January. Feel free to check out the rest at 

Good luck to all of you on all of your resolutions, goal, and intentions if you set any! 🙂