March Me To Music

There really is nothing quite like standing in the front few rows of concert where you can feel every beat of the drum through your entire body. It is quite an amazing experience. Surrounded by people who throw their arms up and chant along to all of the lyrics makes me feel right at home in a foreign place.


The Maine.


And their opening act: Humble Wolf.

I have to say this was not a bad way to spend a Thursday night in March. It is always interesting to see a band live and to really get to experience the personality of a band. The music was pretty nice too!
If you’re anything like me and end up by a speaker please remember your earplugs. My ears felt so funny the rest of the night. Hearing is back to normal thankfully 🙂

Hope all of you lovely travelers are eating delicious foods, traveling to interesting places, and enjoying some music along the way!

Coffee and Curiosity


I personally think there is no better way to sit and think about life other than in a cute coffeeshop. This one was new to me and oh so good. Happy February all my lovely travelers. I hope that this year has been an interesting one for you. I know it has been for me. 
Let’s get curious.

1. What’s new with you?
While I do ask this every once in a while to a friend I haven’t spoken with for a while I feel like the tried and true answer is always nothing.

Well not this time!
I’ve moved away and although I love to travel I think I miss the comfort of knowing my way around home.
Maybe I will get to better know the area and change my mind. But for now homesick is finally something I can understand.

2. Away huh? How is it living on your own?
I like that I have my own space however small it may be but I would gladly take mom’s home cooking any day. I’d even eat the veggies!

3. How has the food situatuion been?
At least I’m not starving… I’m sure I will find the better food eventually. I was actually talking to someone in Brazil in the other day asking about what their favorite Brazilian food is, and now am excited to say I want to try something new.

4. Did you leave the country?
Not at all although I would love to see some other countries. All of them would be nice. I think that one is too big to call a pipe dream.

5. Has your lifestyle remained pretty much the same?
That’s an interesting one to think about since I want to say yes and no.
I feel like I am always the same and that my lifestyle never really changes since it is so random to begin with! Maybe the change is that there is a sense of consistency which is starting to bother me. I still haven’t quite found my rhythm here yet. It is a little overwhelming.

Game Changing Skin Products

Hello beautiful wonderful people,

In 2016 I became very passionate about finding skin care products that would change the state of my skin.
I learned about preservatives, ingredients, and companies so much more than I would have ever expected too.

Some skin care products/brands that have been a game changer for me are

Just 7 by Ceela Naturals. A moisturizing cream targeted for eczema free of all common allergens. Also a vegan brand.
This company is so great. I can’t say enough good things about them. Very nice and caring people when you talk to the people about what you are looking for.

They have so many great products. The Just 3 + is another favorite of mine from them.

Avène Thermal Spring Water is another game changing product. It is the only Avène product I have used but it has my high praise. This magical water is a great mist to relive any itchy sensation and to hydrate skin that is drying out.


Hope all of you have wonderful skin this year. Happy travels!

Another New Year

Happy 2017 everybody. I hope that last year was filled with wonderful memories, tasty treats, and magnificent adventures.

Let’s see if 2017 will be even better.


My last photo of 2016 was at the beach on a cold day. I have to say it was lovely. The sea breeze was heavy but I wasn’t the only person ready to enjoy the sand. It was a nice way to end the year. A picnic on the beach then a walk around the little beach town.

I wonder what sort of adventures this New Year will have in store.

Happy Holidays!

Hello my lovely travelers,
I hope the cold weather isn’t stopping you from all those wonderful adventurers. I absolutely love all the sweet treats that pop up this time of year. Not to mention the hot cocoa, peppermint added into drinks, and hot apple cider. So many tasty things to make the cold weather oh so sweet. Plus the cute decorations all over bring on the festive holiday spirit. Happy holidays everyone!




Hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and enjoy this lovely winter solstice!

Delightful Dessert

As a blog with the name cookie in it (purely for a love of the sweet treat) I am astounded at how little I post about them! Since I tasted this delightful dessert or snack I thought I would share it with all of you.

Biscotti All’arancia


This tasty Italian cookie is citrusy soft sweet and I think it is a love child of a cake with some cookie batter. It says it is an orange cookie but boy does it taste like lemon to me. The powder sugar on top is just the perfect touch too.
I highly recommend it! Especially since it is made with just a few simple ingredients.
Hope you all have some sweet cookies.

Making A Moisturizer

Ah December. The weather gets chillier, the music gets more holiday themed, and I don’t know about you but over here ice rinks sure seem to pop up everywhere. With all the festive chills my dry skin that has been going on a journey of its own this year seems to be intensifying.
So I’ve decided to make myself a moisturizer because I still haven’t been able to find something quite suitable within my little budget!

This moisturizer is pretty simple to make. I used 3 ingredients.
1. Cocoa Butter
2. Safflower Oil
3. Olive Oil

Now cocoa butter smells like chocolate and solidifies at room temperature but melts into liquid when heated (I usually set the little jar in a bowl of hot water until I get a caramel colored liquid.) It would be great to use on its own if only it didn’t take so long to scrape little bits of it off, since it does melt when rubbed in between my hands.
Safflower oil is a cooking oil like olive oil except it has no scent, and is a little healthier to use if cooking. I actually really enjoy that it doesn’t have an odor. Plus like everything else here it is supposed to be moisturizing.
Olive oil does have a fairly strong smell if applied solo to the skin but is supposed to be pretty moisturizing. Although I think the safflower oil is supposed to be superior in that aspect.

Now to make this I used a plastic container, a bowl, some ice, and a fork. That’s right contrary to popular belief a hand mixer is not needed! Just takes a little work.

I started putting a few pieces of ice into a bowl. The put my little container in the bowl between the ice. Next I poured my melted cocoa butter into the container. I then poured in some safflower oil (less than cocoa butter)and then olive oil (even less than the safflower oil.) And the next step was to use the fork to mix it. This takes a while a good 4 minutes of stirring continuously. At first it looks like nothing is happening then after a few minutes it thickens up in consistency.  Right after it’s mixed it looks like a normal moisturizer in texture like a thick goopy liquid that isn’t watery, letting it sit a little it does start to get a little harder but a slight amount of pressure brings it right back to that easy to spread texture. It is actually pretty similar to the feel of normal butter. It feels smooth and melts right into the skin and has a nice chocolatey smell that isn’t too strong.


This is the finished product in all its creamy glory!