Oh my, July!

Hello my lovely little travelers,

Oh my it’s July again. Today has been a lovely little adventure. I spent the day running out of the house to start the day with the sunrise. Hopping on a bus headed South falling asleep until I reached the last stop. Then off to a street filled with restaurants and shops; at a time so early only a couple things were open. As the day progressed so did the heat. Breakfast by the fountain followed by reading a new book was a nice beginning to the day.


As it turned to mid-day I made my way to an Art Museum. It’s a nice experience to walk through museums and galleries to see the different works of art through a myriad of cultures and times.

Then a snack and an exploratory walk to fill the time. Sporadically photography sneaks it way into the day. The weather seemed to get hotter and hotter throughout the day. This lead to a mission to find some water, shade, air conditioning, or any sort of drink to find a little relief. Thank goodness for bookstores with their cafés! Multiple drinks purchases; one for there and one for the road. An increase in hunger and spike in my energy lead me to a restaurant with deliciouslly aromatic pizza. One last walk around the shops and talking to a stranger before heading back North before the sun starts to set.

It felt too ealry to go home and much too far. The bus rides lets me rest from all the movement of the day, with the added bonus of air conditioning. A few cities down is a Mall that became a meeting point. Music fills my ride making the time feel as if it is going faster.

I stepped off the bus and a wave of a slightly dryer heat hit my face. The mall is just across the way.
A face all too familiar reaches my eyes and we begin to shop and chat with the people running the shops. All sense of time is lost and soon that hot day becomes a cooling night.

The night has yet to end but the tired feeling consumes me and I am pleased with how my unplanned day has unravelled.

Hope you are all having a wonderfully adventurous July filled with delicious food.


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