June So Soon

This year has been flying by. I can hardly believe it is the middle of the year. I’m happy that it is finally here. Moving has been a tiring and wonderful experience. It is good to finally feel at home again. Out of all the things I’ve missed about this place my blender takes the top of the list. I’m so glad I can be eating a homemade açai bowl! Now that is tasty.


Of course there were things other than my blender that I missed. For instance the sense of comfort and freedom that comes with knowing my surroundings. That was big one for me. Although I do love to explore. It feels good to re-explore this place I call home. It seems a little different after putting some distance from it, in my life. The people, the wonderful people, I missed them too. I feel so lucky to have such caring and supportive friends and family. I made a few friends while I was away and I am happy to have met them. It’s nice to know that the quality of good people can really be found anywhere if you let yourself look.

I wonder what kind of adventures and tasty treats will be in my future. I hope that they are amazing and memorable.

Happy travels and may you have sweet treats.


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