April Travels No Bag Unravels

Hello my lovely travelers!
It is April and such a lovely month. I started this month with a small little travel trip and decided I would do my best to pack light. A weekend in a bag or two. Something I could carry around and look like I wasn’t going too far at all.

The Packing List
-jeans, cropped leggings, yoga pants
-quarter sleeve t, basic t-shirt, tank top
-socks and under garments

All rolled up and stuffed into the bottom of my bag. Barely taking up any space.
Along with a warm light hoodie I wore on the trip.

-face wipes
-face mist
-multi-purpose balm (used for facial cleansing, moisturizing, masks, and lip balm)
-lip balm

-cereal bar
-fruit bar
-freeze dried fruit

Other Stuff
-vitamins/allery medicine
-phone charger

That’s pretty much the end of my list. There was a surprising amount of room left in my bag. It was so nice to travel so lightly. The freedom of movement can really be appreciated. No hauling any luggage around. Although that can be a fun experience too.

A couple photos from my trip.



Happy travels! May you have sweet adventures all of April.


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