Coffee and Curiosity


I personally think there is no better way to sit and think about life other than in a cute coffeeshop. This one was new to me and oh so good. Happy February all my lovely travelers. I hope that this year has been an interesting one for you. I know it has been for me. 
Let’s get curious.

1. What’s new with you?
While I do ask this every once in a while to a friend I haven’t spoken with for a while I feel like the tried and true answer is always nothing.

Well not this time!
I’ve moved away and although I love to travel I think I miss the comfort of knowing my way around home.
Maybe I will get to better know the area and change my mind. But for now homesick is finally something I can understand.

2. Away huh? How is it living on your own?
I like that I have my own space however small it may be but I would gladly take mom’s home cooking any day. I’d even eat the veggies!

3. How has the food situatuion been?
At least I’m not starving… I’m sure I will find the better food eventually. I was actually talking to someone in Brazil the other day asking about what their favorite Brazilian food is, and now am excited to say I want to try something new.

4. Did you leave the country?
Not at all, although I would love to see some other countries. All of them would be nice. I think that one is too big to call a pipe dream.

5. Has your lifestyle remained pretty much the same?
That’s an interesting one to think about since I want to say yes and no.
I feel like I am always the same and that my lifestyle never really changes since it is so random to begin with! Maybe the change is that there is a sense of consistency which is starting to bother me. I still haven’t quite found my rhythm here yet. It is a little overwhelming.


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