Game Changing Skin Products

Hello beautiful wonderful people,

In 2016 I became very passionate about finding skin care products that would change the state of my skin.
I learned about preservatives, ingredients, and companies so much more than I would have ever expected too.

Some skin care products/brands that have been a game changer for me are

Just 7 by Ceela Naturals. A moisturizing cream targeted for eczema free of all common allergens. Also a vegan brand.
This company is so great. I can’t say enough good things about them. Very nice and caring people when you talk to the people about what you are looking for.

They have so many great products. The Just 3 + is another favorite of mine from them.

Avène Thermal Spring Water is another game changing product. It is the only Avène product I have used but it has my high praise. This magical water is a great mist to relive any itchy sensation and to hydrate skin that is drying out.


Hope all of you have wonderful skin this year. Happy travels!


2 thoughts on “Game Changing Skin Products

  1. I’m obsessed with skin care as well. In my early twenties, I started having acne out of nowhere and I became more aware of what I put on my skin. I’ve never tried Avene thermal water, but I use the LaRoche-Posay one and I swear by it. It really helps me keeping my skin clear, especially when it’s hot and humid outside.


    • I think it’s good to be aware of our skin care products. I just wish it didn’t take my skin having a serious problem for me to take an interest in it. I think they are probably pretty similar, I swear by Avene! I even keep a travel size with me at all times!

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