December Days

Happy December everyone. This year had sure gone by pretty quickly. I hope that all of you have had and still have wonderful food and travels this year. I’m glad that I’ve been able to share so much of my silly little life with all of you. Finally those photos in my phone have a purpose!

Although I don’t have a picture for December yet I do have a pretty nice story to share.

Last year I took a semester of ASL (American Sign Language) and I have to say it was quite a lovely experience. I highly recommene trying it out! Such a beautiful language and you get to find out about a whole other community. I found that it not only helps to break a language barrier but it is fun and at least for me helped build up confidence in ways I couln’t have imagined. And I’m a pretty confident person! (Just shy mostly.)

Now to the story that was shared with me which I will be sharing with you.
There was a deaf and mute man who would order coffee by typing his order onto his phone. The barista had him look up from his phone one day. She asked him in ASL for his order. She had been studying ASL by using resources such a YouTube to teach herself the language. She was doing this so that this man could have the same experience as everyone else. He was happily surprised.
And I think that it was such a warm gesture that I would share this story on a cold December day.

Hope all of you have wonderful experiences like this deaf man. 🙂


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