DIY: Strange Skincare

While I have been rethinking all my skin care products this year I have found it easier to try out some of the do it yourself projects that I found online. I have tried quite a variety hoping to help heal and hydrate. I think they sound pretty odd so thought I would share what they were.

#1. Making A Moisturizer
      I made a moisturizer out of cocoa butter, coconut oil, and olive oil. These are all supposed to be great moisturizers for the skin. I just melted the ingredients together and shook then up. It soldifies with the weather and melts if its hot. When it is solid it actually feels like the texture of a slightly grainy butter that instantly melts into the skin.

#2. Face wash
      I used Manuka Honey to wash my face. Not quite as sticky as it sounds. But still very sticky indeed. Just use some honey smear it on the face and rinse off with warm water. Honey is a humectant, meaning it draws moisture from the air, and is supposed to have a myriad of healing properties. But using manuka honey is very strong and made some of my skin red when I used it more than once.

     I had also used olive oil to wash my face which I actually prefer because on my skin it feels less harsh!

#3. Face Mist
     I have heard quite a bit about face mists lately. I suppose the purpose is to keep the skin hydrated when it feels like it needs a pick me up throughout the day. I made mine out of  Cucumber, avacado oil, vitamin e oil, and just a hint of water. Simply shaken up in a spray bottle.

#4. Exfoliator
     I made an exfoliator out of brown sugar and olive oil. The brown sugar is supposed to be gentler than regualr granulated sugar.

#5. Essence
     Now I wasn’t quite sure what an essence was for skin care but with the massove amount of information online just typing in DIY gets some results.
I made an essence (which can also be used as a toner and a face mask) out of rice water. Just grab some rice rinse it out soak it in water and put on a spritz bottle.


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