Sea Food Filled September

Hello my lovely readers! Happy September 🙂 I hope all of your adventures this past year have been amazing. And filled with some great food. I know sea food isn’t for everyone but I think it tastes wonderful! Let’s do lunch?


This is some dungenous crab and shrimp. After eating half of this for lunch, because it’s enough to share for this girl, I wasn’t even hungry for dinner!
I hope that all of you get some wonderful September treats as well.
Well the day was not just filled with great food but also random little things I wanted to share with all of you.
One for all those Star Wars fans!


Next up is for all the gamers out there.


And a gaming store where they aren’t pushy to sell their products but let you just come in and play!

May you all have delicious food and wonderful adventurous experiences.


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