Things I’ve Learned in My 20’s (so far)

Well g’day all! I have been thinking about all of the things I have learned in my 20’s over the last few years. Quite a few random things I have to share with anyone who is interested. As a girl I have to say some of the things I wish I had learned earlier. Without further a do:

Natural remedies seem to work for some of my problems.

1. If I feel a canker sore coming on having some plain yogurt prevents it from forming if I have some right away.  I personally like the icelandic yogurt Siggys.

2. I personally haven’t dealt with cold sores but for someone I know Pure Vanilla extract applied for a minute seems to numb and shorten the length.

3. Raspberry leaf tea is amazing for getting rid of cramps and lightening a period.


4. Applying heat also helps with cramps. A heating pad at home or if out and about Thermacare Menstrual Heating pads.


5. Not to trust Victoria’s Secret for a bra size. More importantly how to check my own measurements to get a bra that fits properly.

6. This one took some trial and is definitely different for everyone. I have found if I avoid eating dairy while I am PMS-ing that when my period starts I don’t get super bad cramps sometimes none at all!

7. How to read a college textbook. SQ3R: Survey, Question, Read, Reread, Review.
Read the questions/key terms first.
Read the intro and conclusion to the chapter before the rest.
Look at the pictures/diagrams.
Read the first few sentences of the paragraph and if you dont understand keep reading. Read the last sentence of each paragraph.

8. How to take notes that were easy to look at and reread. I personally am more of a visual learner. So instead of classic notes my notes looked more like doodles.


An example of my history notes.

9. Use an external hard drive to back up your computer contents.


10. It never hurts to clean out your computer. May even get it to run a little better.

11. Color Analysis. How to find what colors look best on my skin tone. The shades of colors that give me a healthy glow rather than wearing colors/shades that make me look washed out. I’m a deep autumn for those of you who are curious/ are aware of this already.

These are a few of the things I have learned in my 20’s far that I have found to be interesting.



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