If You Knew Me We Would Go To A Movie

Life is filled with all sorts of wonderful adventures. Sometimes it’s nice to just sit back and watch one happen. I’m taking about sitting down and watching a movie. Completely forgetting about your own reality and letting the movie be the center of attention. I happen to adore movies and luckily am able to attend pre-screenings! Some movies I have seen starting from most recent


Bad Moms


Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates


Me Before You: lead actress and author of the book made an appearance (they are in the front between the posters with an announcer who is asking questions)


Angry Birds

There were quite a few others in between but these are ones I got photos of to share with you lovely adventurers. If you ever head to a free screening, phones need to be turned off before the movie starts! That has been my experience anyways.
I still do pay to watch movies every once in a while. Sometimes there is just one I really want to go watch 🙂
May you have a pleasant experience if you head out to watch one or a wonderfully captivating movie if you watch at home or some random place!
I know some parks in my area play older kids movies on some nights.
Happy Watching!


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