Prank and Parade

Ever just happen to walk down the street or drive by something that makes you do a double take? If you have, we are one in the same. I happened to catch a few pranksters in action and thought to myself “is this real life?” Turns out it was and to document this humour moment I took a photo to share with all of you!


At first glance you wouldn’t really notice anything. Take a second look or maybe you’re sharp and caught it right away. The car is completely wrapped in plastic wrap! That’s right the kind people cover food with.

Now I’ve told you about the prank but what about the parade? Well I will show the photos now!


A float of course.


A marching band.


Guy in a full on Ghost Busters uniform


And a nice car/old school fire engine.

These are some photos from a little very spirited parade!

This summer is turning out to be quite sweet! Just another joyful June day.


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