May Adventure Take You

Life is an adventure. If you keep your eyes open and look around you might see something amazing. If you let yourself experience adventures, life will have so much to offer. It’s so great how exciting some simple things can be. Let me take you through a couple of my previous experiences during this lovely month of May.


Stumbled into a free little concert in the park.


Saw this parked on the street. If you remember the show Scooby-Doo this is the mystery machine.


Yes those are giant dumplings! No they aren’t real. Was very fun to watch people jump in with them though.


Didn’t expect to see a DJ at all which made the experience all that much better.


I’m not sure what these are or what’s going on but thought it would be fun to take a picture, so vibrant!

Anyways this is what my May looks like so far. Hope all of you sweet little travelers are having an amazing time as well.


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