Travel Through Song

Sometimes hearing a song can take me back to a different time. To a memory of a place and people along with when I was younger or to a life I have never lived. The music of different eras has its own style and sound.  Sometimes new songs sound like they came from a different time. When I let myself fall into the melody, let the beat lead my heart, the lyrics consume my thoughts, I find I have been taken to another time. Another place even though I have not gone anywhere. I’ve entered a new life with new places. The song has helped me travel through a world I would never have thought to exist. At times it will be painful, and at others it will be pure bliss.


A place I’ve been
Down this road again
Past memories
Empty places I see
Filled with what used to be
A new song for me
For every time the change is kind
And I’ve left behind
Something new to find


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