I left my heart in San Francisco

To all my lovely little travelers of the world,
I have to say my heart has been taken by a wonderful place, that I do love oh so dearly.
San Francisco. It’s such an interesting place to wander around. From one area to another feels completely different. From the high hills with the crooked streets to the financial district to Height Street and everything in between it is a one of a kind place. People from all walks of life dressed in all kinds of way side by side is such a nice kind of normalcy.
Now let me show you around this place.


Restaurant on Pier 39. One of the most popular tourist attractions.


An over-sized chess game in the mall.



The miniature Golden Gate also in the mall.


Powell street lit up with lanterns.


View from Union square during the holiday season


The Hard Rock wall


View from the Pier


A Silent Disco


Bay bridge during the day


Embarcadero leading to the Ferry Building


Dolores Park


City Hall during the 100th anniversary. With history of San Francisco projected onto the building.

These are just a few images from around the SF.
Pretty easy to find a place with delicious sweets too.
Hope the cookies are sweet and just as enjoyable as your travels!


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