Fret Not February

Well for all those without Valentine’s, I hear there is a big sale on chocolate now so get your sweet tooth some satisfaction! And for those with Valentine’s hope you had a good one 🙂blog-1

Planning a little trip 6 to 8 hours by bus should be interesting. Lots of time for gazing out of the window, reading, writing, taking some photographs, and best of all sleeping while someone else deals with traffic!

Some travel essentials on my list:

  • Gum. This is more for those like me who have those sensitive ears that seem to pop during long rides.
  • Sunscreen. Always beware of the sun even on those gloomy cloudy days, and especially on those sunny ones, don’t want to burn!
  • Swim suit. Just in case!
  • Moisturizer/lotion, tooth brush, tooth paste, floss, soap (for those with sensitive skin)
  • Clothes obviously- light layers always work well for that elusive weather change
  • Camera. Charge the battery if you go digital, and for those who still do film (like me! don’t forget the film!)
  • ID/License and some money
  • And of course Snacks! For a ride that long don’t want to be without something tasty. Beef jerky, bananas, carrots, cookies, chips, anything you like really just bring something!
  • Water or another sort of beverage.

That will be it for now. Hope you all have some fabulous cookies and enjoy your travels!


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